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Leigh Campbell, MD, CLC, FAAP

Dr. Campbell is a mother of three with a professional career centered on maternal and infant health. Dr. Campbell graduated from medical school in 2005 from the University of Mississippi Medical Center and continued her training at UMMC to specialize in pediatrics, followed by sub-specialization in neonatology at The University of Alabama, Birmingham. As a neonatologist at UMMC, she worked closely with postpartum individuals to provide lactation support for their newborns. 

Dr. Campbell transitioned into public health as the Child Health Medical Consultant at the Mississippi State Department of Health after the birth of her third child. In this role, she also served as the Assistant Program Director and neonatal lead in the state wide Mississippi Perinatal Quality Collaborative.

Dr. Campbell is a Lactation enthusiast with a mission to serve and provide lactation medicine support and guidance for the perinatal transitional period of the parent and baby dyad. She practices a holistic approach to life and blends science-based medicine with nourishment of the mind, body and heart in her practice. Her fervent desire to pivot her career into breastfeeding medicine was initially rooted in her own struggle and journey breastfeeding twin girls and returning to work as a staff physician. 

As a 500 hour+ registered yoga instructor who specializes in perinatal yoga and pelvic health, Dr. Campbell also offers functional movement, yoga and childbirth body preparation classes. Check out her offerings below for a refreshing and empowering approach to pregnancy, birth, baby and beyond. In her free time, she enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, spending time with family on outside adventures, and always diving into opportunities for lifelong learning.  

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To empower families and create an environment for breast/bodyfeeding success that offers timely and skilled lactation support to optimize the physical and emotional health of blossoming emergence into parenthood. 

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Bloom and Grow through Synergy

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