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Childbirth Preparation for an Active Birth

Relevant and applicable childbirth education that provides an overview of pregnancy, labor and birth. There is a focus on pelvic knowledge and optimal positioning.

We offer two different types of childbirth preparation classes and one prenatal lactation preparation class.

  • Balanced Bumps for Birth  focuses on pelvic biodynamics to help make space for baby and ease labor and birth. This is a fun and interactive class that can be done with your support person. The human body is amazing. Become a steward of your own pelvic alignment and mobility and understand how the body evolves. Discover how Your Birth Will MOVE You.

  • Lamaze Curriculum Childbirth Preparation focuses on the Six Healthy Birth Practices to transform the nature of your journey from pregnancy to parenthood. 

  • Lactation Prenatal Class shares information on how to optimize Nurture and Nourishment of your infant with human milk.

Leigh is a Certified Lamaze Childbirth educator, a certified Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP) Educator and a Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator - Preliminary Status. She is also a Body Ready Method Certified Trainer. 


"Leigh was incredible. She was so informative and helpful. I really feel more confident in child birth and the things learned have helped with daily aches and pains. I have recommended her and spinning babies to everyone I know that is pregnant." -Faith

"Leigh was a delight and really helped calm my fears about labor but also gave me some important tools to use as we enter our last month of pregnancy. It was time well spent and I would highly recommend her and spinning babies to anyone!" -Ray

"We did not know what to expect, but it turns out class gave us great details on not only what we will experience as we go through delivery, but also how we could have a safe and well-informed birth. It was fun and insightful, and I highly recommend this class for every pregnant women and their husbands." -Jane




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