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Prenatal Yoga

Practice radiant movement to ROOT, EMERGE and BLOSSOM as you journey through pregnancy and beyond.  Prenatal yoga offers an opportunity to connect and confidently embrace the changes in your body. Cultivate an intrinsic attunement with your body as you build mobility and strength.


Educational threads of knowledge related to your birth journey are weaved throughout the class structure. We promote safety of the body over the aesthetics of a yoga pose. There is a focus on the robust power of optimal posture practiced throughout your pregnancy to help minimize discomfort. Incorporate this familiarity off the mat into your daily life to ease discomfort through physical change. 


Our movement practice considers balance of the pelvis and pelvic floor with a focus on alignment and mobility. Encourage your body to make space for your baby to navigate the birth canal during labor. Couple breath and movement with a focus on mindful intention. Explore how to connect with the cylinder of the core as it changes through gestation. Practice dynamic movement and feel the beneficial effects within the fascial layers of the body.  We invite you to consider what it would feel like to have an active birth experience.  Uncover your instinctual wisdom to move more freely during pregnancy and childbirth.


Feel empowered in your body as you embrace the maturation and evolution of your beautiful transition with poise and grace.

Leigh is a certified RPYT (registered prenatal yoga teacher) having completed over 250 hours of Yoga alliance school perinatal yoga instruction. She is also a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES) and a certified FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms).


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