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Lactation Medicine




Breastfeeding is a relationship between you and your baby. It is natural, but like all close relationships, it does not mean that it is easy. As new mothers, our priority is to help our babies grow and thrive. Through lactation support, you build awareness of the unique fit and hold between you and your baby allowing your confidence to grow, while enabling you to achieve your feeding goals.


Bloom and Grow Lactation approach is based on the biomechanics of the suck and swallow reflex during breastfeeding. We seek to optimize the synchrony between mother and baby through attention to position and stability, which fosters comfort and communication. We bring mindful awareness and presence into the experience of mutual nourishment.


Leigh is a board-certified pediatrician, neonatologist, and former breastfeeding mama of twin girls. She is also a certified lactation counselor (CLC) and advanced lactation specialist. 


Lactation services include initial in home newborn visits, in office visits, virtual visits and prenatal lactation education classes.

Common Challenges we can address:

  • Difficulty latching, Low milk production,

  • Generous milk supply, Persistent breast and nipple pain,

  • Mastitis,

  • Engorgement,

  • Milk expression,

  • Prenatal consults,

  • Multiples,

  • Induced lactation,

  • Premature infant transition to direct feeding.

Please do not let the cost of services be a barrier to lactation support. We can review your coverage together and decide how best to proceed. Sliding Scale options are available. 



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Dr. Campbell is out of network with all health insurance plans, because she provides direct care services; However, you may still be eligible for benefits to help cover the cost of your appointments. In particular, lactation services are considered preventative services per the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and often no subject to cost-sharing (deductibles and co-insurance).

 As a service to you, she has partnered with Reimbursify to help make it easier for you to get reimbursed for any out of network benefits that you are eligible for. The app allows you to file a claim for reimbursement within minutes. Bloom and Grow Lactation can also file your claims for you or even review your benefits before your visit. Dr. Campbell wants to make her services as accessible as possible, and she is happy to talk you through this process. 

You can file claims directly below and/or download the Reimbursify app


The Affordable Care Act requires all new health plans cover lactation support and supplies without cost-sharing “for the duration of breastfeeding,” which means health plans may not apply any co-payment, co-insurance, or deductible to these benefits. Insurance companies can impose some limitations such as where to obtain the equipment and require purchase, rather than rental, of a pump.

If you are having problems obtaining lactation benefits, visit (National Women's Law Center) or call them at 1-866-745-5487 

Please CLICK HERE for more specific references and insurance response templates for denials that can copied and personalized.

Please do NOT let cost be a barrier to your care. Reach out directly to Bloom and Grow Lactation to inquire about SLIDING SCALE costs.


If you have consented and agreed to medical care as a patient of BLOOM AND GROW LACTATION, PLLC, then you have certain rights under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). In accordance with federal law, we have made our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practice available through our website here. This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. We encourage you to review it carefully.

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